Simple iPhone trick reveals secret settings to fix bad signal

We’ve all been there: waving a smartphone frantically in hopes of better signal. Is there a better way?

There’s a secret iPhone trick that makes finding signal easier than ever before.

It involves entering a simple code to access the iPhone’s Field Mode tool, which gives you access to a range of hidden settings and features.

One of these features is a signal strength indicator, which offers a detailed numerical overview of your current network signal.

It’s much more in-depth than standard signal bars, making it easier to discern where your phone is actually get the best signal.

How to access iPhone Field Mode

To access iPhone Field Mode, dial the following number: *3001#12345#*

Once that’s entered, press call, and you’ll be taken to a grey screen that contains extra information.

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The signal strength indicator will appear in the top-left corner. If you’ve got anything above -80, you’ve got the equivalent to full bars.

If you see a number below -110, that’s about one or no bars; that’s bad news if you’re hoping to make a call.

The absolute maximum number you’ll ever get is about -40, and the lowest is around -140, although anything below -120 is useless.

If you always want access to that number, hold down the power button until a message to turn the phone off comes up, then press the home button.

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Other iPhone secret codes

But the Field Mode isn’t the only secret iPhone code available.

Others include:

  • *#33# – call barring settings
  • *#43# – call queuing status
  • *43# – turn call queuing on
  • #43# – turn call queuing off
  • *#06# – IMEI identifier number

Know any other secret iPhone codes? Let us know in the comments.