Apple’s iPhone SE just refuses to die

Ask some Apple smartphone users about their next-gen wishlist and many will have a surprisingly simple answer; all they want is an iPhone SE 2.

While Apple has shown little sign of caving into the demands for a new pocket-friendly device with a Touch ID fingerprint sensor, the original version continues to linger. Yes, almost three years after the iPhone SE went on sale, Apple is continuing the on again, off again clearance sale of the remaining inventory.

Customers in the US (and only in the US it seems) can once again nab an iPhone SE for as little as $249, a saving of $100 on the most recent asking price. If customers opt for the model with $128GB of storage, then savings rise to $150.

Why Apple continues to stop and start this sale remains to be seen, but the company reportedly discontinued the production of the popular device last autumn.

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So, with new SE handsets seemingly no longer in production, it’s unclear why Apple doesn’t just flog off all remaining inventory and be done with it. The sale recommenced in mid-January, but the inventory sold out almost immediately. It has reappeared at least one other time since.

It’s easy to see why the demand remains strong, as the firm’s other devices nudge towards 6-inches in size. In our initial review, we called the device “a godsend for those who want a high-quality phone that isn’t massive.”

Our reviewer wrote: “If you love a small phone but feel you’re missing out on a top-notch camera, solid battery life and speedy processor, the iPhone SE is impossible to ignore. It delivers in spades and doesn’t have a comparable competitor.”

Should the iPhone SE return to sale on the UK Apple Store, we’ll let you know. Otherwise, keep holding out for that iPhone SE 2, however unlikely its arrival may be.

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