iPhone Gets First OTA Gmail Task Syncing Service

Courtesy of GooSync...

NuevaSync really got this sector moving didn’t it…

Just a few weeks after the free Microsoft Exchange based service began offering iPhone and Windows Mobile owners free over the air (OTA) syncing with Google Calendars and Contacts along comes Google Sync doing the same thing (but, vitally, with the name ‘Google’ in it) and now one of the old guard has stepped in.

The wonderfully named GooSync first appeared around 18 months ago with its wireless Calendar and Contacts service but now it has announced a major new iPhone upgrade that leaves the others out in the cold (for now): tasks.

A feature request which has bombarded forums of both NuevaSync and Google, the additional functionality is bi-directional and happily syncs with the GooSync tasks or iGoogle tasks gadgets. Furthermore, the programme now happily installs via the App Store so even a monkey could do it.

On the downside however is price, by which I mean there is one. Unlike the free services of NeuvaSync and Google Sync, the full version of GooSync costs £8.95 and comes with an annual £19.95 service charge making it a significant investment. A free version of GooSync is available but since it only offers OTA synchronisation with a single Google Calendar, no contacts and no tasks you may as well just use one of the other two.

That said, if the additional tasks synchronisation is vital for you at least the option now exists….