iPhone Fully Unlocked – Reports Claim

Apple's security finally breached?

Here’s an interesting story hitting the wires currently…

Reports are circulating that the iPhone has finally been unlocked using a Bladox Turbo SIM card – a method which requires no extra hardware, works on any network with any generation of SIM and offers full calling, SMS and GPRS (*snigger*) but not EDGE (*still sniggering*) data surfing. In fact, the only outlay is the purchase of a blank Turbo SIM card ($80).

The discovery was made by forum members on Bladox’s forum and has yet to be confirmed independently but works by remotely accessing the phone over WiFi and asking it to write the SIM with valid information from another carrier.

So what can we say other than watch this space and pray really hard…? Perhaps watch this space and prepare human sacrifices, maybe?

Maybe not.

Bladox Turbo SIM
Bladox Forum

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