Here are Apple’s official iPhone battery life tips for the UK heatwave

As the temperatures rise and the sweat and outdoor beers begin to pour, you might want to keep a closer eye than usual on your iPhone’s battery life. Here’s what you need to know during the UK heatwave. 

Handsets are known to malfunction when the sun comes out, and particularly high temperatures can shorten your handset’s battery life permanently as well as in the short-term.

As we approach the 30-degrees Celsius mark in the UK, it’s worth reminding yourself of the symptoms of an iPhone suffering from heatstroke, and what to do to protect your mobile.

If your iPhone gets too warm, it could charge slower, its screen could dim or turn black, your signal might weaken, your camera flash might temporarily stop working, and your phone could slow down significantly. As mentioned above, your battery life could fail and never recover.

In extreme circumstances, you might even see a temperature warning appear on screen. If this happens, Apple recommends turning your phone off, moving it to somewhere cooler, and waiting for it to chill.

“Use iOS devices where the ambient temperature is between 0º and 35º C (32º to 95º F),” an Apple support page states. Though we’re not quite at that upper limit yet, it’s worth being extra cautious.

Take care not to leave your iPhone in a parked car, for instance, as the temperature in there could go through the roof.

Apple also warns against placing your phone in direct sunlight for extended periods of time, and against using intensive features, such as GPS tracking in a car, augmented-reality apps or even games in the sun.

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