Apple’s iPhone 9 could sport an LCD not OLED screen

Apple is mulling-over using LCD screens in some of its next-generation iPhones (like the iPhone 9, perhaps?), despite the iPhone X sporting a high-end OLED display. 

Rumours based on leaked preliminary orders Apple has put in with the likes of LG and Samsung for future has fulled speculation that Apple might be making different sizes of the next iPhone X equivalent or the iPhone 9, with some sources indicating that the company might make an iPhone with a 6-inch or so LED screen rather than stick with the OLED displays it has only just adopted.

Credence has been given to these rumours after The Wall Street Journal reported that it had been told by people with knowledge of the matter that Apple has expressed an interest in buying LCD displays from manufacturer Japan Display.

However, these will be no normal displays but advanced screens dubbed “Full Active”, and are expected to make up 70% of Apple’s display orders for its next wave of iPhones predicted around September next year.

OLED screens are generally considered the best for smartphones due the vibrant colours, deep blacks and impressive contrast they can produce, so for Apple to go back to LCD tech, which it still uses in the iPhone 8, would seem like a misstep. But the advanced LCD displays are said help produce near bezel-less phones, so Apple’s potential use of LCD over OLED screens could be down to it aiming to produce an iPhone that has a bezel-less display akin to the Galaxy S8 but also measures in at the so-called ‘phablet’ phone size.

There is a chance that Apple could also be putting in preliminary orders for LCD displays for a new mid-range or budget tier of iPhones, with LCD screens being cheaper to produce than their OLED counterparts.

Given the iPhone X doesn’t launch until November, we are some way off from hearing what Apple plans to do with its next generation smartphones, but the rumours do provide plenty for Apple and smartphone fans to chew over in the meantime.

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