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iPhone 8 will reportedly get an unusual mirror-like finish

The hotly-anticipated iPhone 8 will be clad in a glossy mirror-like finish, if the latest Twitter ‘teaser’ is to be believed.

Over the weekend, regular leakster Benjamin Geskin tweeted an alleged photo of Apple’s next iPhone, which appears to be clad in a reflective mirror finish. He added that the mirror finish will be among the four colour options available for the iPhone 8.

As much as it’s tempting to take Geskin’s leak as gospel, it’s advisable to digest it with a liberal helping of salt until Apple breaks its silence. After all, 9to5mac points out that Geskin could have mistaken Apple’s glossy jet black option for a mirror finish. The jet black option can appear highly reflective at certain angles, especially when it’s being photographed to look as polished and shiny as possible.

iPhone 8 mirror finishGeskin’s high gloss iPhone 8: new mirror finish, or the jet black version in disguise?

What’s more, Twitter users responding to Geskin’s leak have pointed out that you can actually buy mirror-clad cases and stickers for existing iPhone models on eBay and elsewhere (a quick search confirms that’s true), and that the purported leak of the reflective iPhone 8 looks suspiciously similar. Does Apple really feel the need to labour needlessly over a design aesthetic that’s already achievable on the cheap?

We’re also not entirely convinced Apple would opt for such a fingerprint-prone coating for the iPhone 8. If people are buying the phone for its mirror finish alone, it’s unlikely they’ll be covering it up with a protective case, so Apple has to have some serious scratch-resistant tricks up its sleeve to pull this off.

As always, it’s certain there will be more leaks and teaser in the weeks leading up to the iPhone 8’s launch, which we’re expecting to be some time in mid-September.

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