iPhone 8 Face ID could be used for more than just security

The iPhone 8 could use Face ID to suppress notification sounds when users are looking at the screen. That’s according to one developer scanning the ever-fruitful Apple HomePod firmware.

Guilherme Rambo has discovered a line in the code, which suggests the facial recognition tech could be used for more than just security.

The code in question reads: “supportsAttenuatingTonesForAttentionDetected”, which appears pretty self explanatory.

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This would unquestionably be a handy little feature for iPhone users.

Tones are there to alert you to notifications. If you’re able to see them come in via a visual Banner or an Alert notification, where’s there need for a tone?

Depending on which of the rumors you believe, the Face ID feature will either augment or replace the Touch ID fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 8.

It’s still not clear whether Apple has managed to perfect an in-display sensor, so facial recognition may be the only biometric option moving forward.

It’s assumed users will be able to unlock their devices, verify Apple Pay payments and log in to apps using the tool.

First Blood: Part II

Today’s news (via TechCrunch) isn’t the first time Rambo has drawn first blood on an iPhone 8 leak. Last week, while examining the HomePod code, he discovered a new iPhone feature called SmartCam.

This code appeared to show a host of preset scenes you might expect to see on a compact camera.

There’s snow, sport, sunset and sky, for example. However, there’s also scenes like baby, fireworks, foliage and pet.

This seemed to suggest the iPhone 8’s camera will be able to automatically adjust key exposure settings within the photo.

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