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Whoops! iPhone 7 Plus gets tested a whole day before reveal

The iPhone 7 Plus appears to have passed through Geekbench, giving us a rough idea of its performance potential.

We may already have access to benchmark test results for the iPhone 7 Plus, a whole day before the phone has launched. A results listing on the Geekbench 4 platform shows the phone having scored a 3,379 single-core score and a 5,495 multi-core score.

For the unaware, Geekbench is a benchmark tool that tests a smartphone to see how powerful it is. There are lots of different tools, and Geekbench is just one brand among many.

The iPhone 7 Plus scores are very high, although there’s a big caveat here. These tests were run on Geekbench 4, which is (unsurprisingly) newer than Geekbench 3. It includes updated CPU workloads and new ‘Compute’ workloads that model real-world tasks and applications. Because it’s so new, we still don’t have enough accurate readouts to compare the alleged iPhone 7 results against other existing phones. We also can’t really compare it against Geekbench 3 results for the iPhone 6S either.

It’s also worth noting that the iPhone 7 Plus has passed through Geekbench previously, earning scores that were around 10% lower than these new results. But the original scores were achieved on Geekbench 3, so they can’t really be compared to the Geekbench 4 readout.

Nevertheless, all scores are high across the board, which suggests that the iPhone 7 Plus will be pretty powerful – no surprise there, eh?

Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus at a launch event in San Francisco tomorrow, at 18:00 UK time. The Californian tech giant is also likely to show off the long-awaited Apple Watch 2, so stay tuned for live coverage from TrustedReviews on Wednesday evening.

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