iPhone 7 launch date may have been on Apple site for months

Everyone wants to know when the iPhone 7 will be announced. But has the date been right here under our noses all along?

It’s a pretty safe bet that Apple will announce the iPhone 7 in early September, which is traditionally when it unveils its latest smartphone. But when, exactly?

According to TechRadar, the answer might be contained within a back to school promotion on Apple’s website. As part of the promotion, “qualified educational purchasers” can obtain a free pair of Beats Solo2 Wireless Headphones when buying an eligible Mac, or a pair of Powerbeats2 Wireless Headphone when buying an eligible iPhone or iPad.

But what’s interesting to note here is the cut-off date for the deal: September 5.

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Viewed a certain way, you could make a case for the idea that Apple ending the free giveaway of its wireless Beats headphone stock immediately ahead of the announcement of the iPhone 7 – which is widely tipped to be ditching the traditional 3.5mm headphone port. Demand for wireless headphones is expected to go through the roof from this point.

So, what price a September 6 iPhone 7 announcement? Given that the iPhone 6S was announced on just that date last year, and the iPhone 6 on September 7 the year before, we’d say there’s a good chance.

It’s a nice theory, but a note of caution should be sounded here: Apple ran the same offer last year. As such, it could be argued that this is simply a deal aimed at capitalising on the back to school period.

Still, it’s an interesting theory. We’ll certainly be keeping a mark in our diary for September 6.

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