iPhone 6 to feature super slim design thanks to skinny battery

Reports of the iPhone 6 adopting a new, super slim form factor have gained backing as a skinny battery tipped to feature in the device is teased.

Citing unnamed sources from the Apple supply chain, Taiwanese news outlet DigiTimes has claimed that the Cupertino-based manufacturer has developed a new, slimline battery which will allow the iPhone 6 to shave off a few precious millimetres.

According to the reports, the iPhone 6 battery will measure in at just 2mm thick – down on the iPhone 5S’s 3mm thick power provider.

Despite this thinner form, it is reported that the iPhone 6 battery life will feature a “similar capacity” to that of its predecessor – a slightly vague insight which could worry some potential owners.

As well as unveiling details on the handset’s new super skinny battery, the anonymous tipster has claimed Apple is building enough next-gen handset to meet sales expectations of between 60 and 70 million units by the end of 2014.

Latest iPhone 6 rumours have suggested the handset will be released this September with the WWDC unveiled iOS 8 operating system on board.

Marking the start of a new design cycle for the iPhone brand, the upcoming handset has been leaked on multiple occasions, with many claimed insights showing a skinny, rounded edged device similar in style to the existing iPod touch.

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