iPhone 6 release date tipped again for late September

The iPhone 6 release date has again been tipped for the end of September along with some fresh design details.

Rumours of a specific iPhone 6 release date have been circulating for a little while now, with most suggesting that it will launch on September 19.

However, a new report from the Chinese media citing “inside sources”, suggests that the iPhone 6 will be officially announced at a special event on Monday September 15 with the actual iPhone 6 release date happening on September 25.

The sources do say that this could be the Chinese release date for the iPhone 6 though, so UK consumers could still see the iPhone 6 released on Friday September 19.

According to the report, the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 will cost the same as the current iPhone 5S, with pricing presently as follows: 16GB for £549, 32GB for £629 and the 64GB for £709.

As for the rumoured larger 5.5-inch iPhone 6 (currently being dubbed the iPhone Air by several sources), that should retail for around £565 for the 16GB model, so only slightly more expensive than its 4.7-inch brother.

Giving us another look at the iPhone 6, a separate source has managed to get hold of some images of the 2014 iPhone’s glass front panels, next to the iPhone 5S version.

The glass panel shows that the screen does indeed measure up at 4.7-inches diagonally, as previous rumours have all suggested, but interestingly, the sources say the panel may be made from sapphire glass.

This would mean the entire front panel of the iPhone 6 would be made from the material used to protect the Touch ID enabled home button and rear camera of the iPhone 5S.

Sapphire Glass is more scratch resistant than Corning Gorilla Glass and supposedly less difficult to break too.

Rather than being flat like the iPhone 5S, the glass of the iPhone 6 has edges that curve seamlessly towards the edges of the body, which should have rounded edges.

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