iPhone 3G Gets Price Hike, Flash & Premium Games

Bad news for potential owners, good news for existing ones.

Well hasn’t this been a busy couple of weeks for the industry’s most controversial mobile phone. Following on from the soporifically dull firmware 2.2.1 release on Wednesday and the potential indentification of a new iPhone on Friday we now have all this lot…

First up – given the financial climate – let’s deal with the one which will most impact your pocket and I’m afraid it’s not good news people. O2 has slyly gone and upped the price of the pre-pay iPhone 3G models from £342.50 (8GB) and £391.45 (16GB) to £352.33 and £401.27 respectively making them more expensive than when VAT was at 17 per cent.

On top of this instead of the tasty 12 months of free unlimited 3G data and WiFi access previously provided we now get two new tariffs: ‘Text Anytime’ and ‘Favourite Place’. The first of these offers unlimited texts when you top-up £30 each month and the latter free O2 to O2 calls and free calls to landlines – again when you top up £30. Indeed, these are ”rubbish” compared to the previous deal.

Thankfully however the original plan and prices are still available from Apple’s UK online store – but for how long who knows?

Now I’ve thoroughly depressed you, time for something more uplifting: Flash may finally be coming to the iPhone. According to Adobe’s CEO Shantanu Narayen “the ball is in our court. The onus is on us to deliver.” Which suggests Apple has finally given the go ahead. That said, there’s no timeframe for delivery.

Finally, there is talk now the iPhone’s gaming platform is reasonably established that a premium games section will soon be released with ‘high quality’ titles launching at $19.99 (so I suspect £14.99 here). Participation will apparently be restricted to larger developers with the likes of Gameloft and Electronic Arts said to be involved. This seems an inevitable evolution, so we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled… (*ouch*)

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