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Latest iPhone 11 rumours reveal absolutely mind-blowing new feature

Apple iPhone 11 rumours? We’ve got those! The iPhone 11 is sure to be Apple’s biggest phone launch to date – and the latest 2019 iPhone 11 rumours hint that it could come with a potentially game-changing new camera feature to take the fight to its rivals. Here’s what it is.

According to a recently filed patent application with the USPTO (US Patent and Trademark Office), dated January 17, 2019, Apple is hard at work on a new iPhone feature that would see its camera app instantly launched when you pick up the handset in a manner suggesting you want to take a photo or video.

First spied by AppleInsider, the patent describes a phone capable of “automatically activating a camera application implemented in a mobile device in a locked mode based on detecting that the user of the mobile device intends to capture a photograph.”

It goes on to say that the “user’s intent to capture a photograph is detected using signals from sensors included in the mobile device” – mostly, this refers to the iPhone’s accelerometer.

At present, devices like the iPhone XS and iPhone XR come with a camera shortcut function that allows you to quickly fire up your phone’s snapper even if it’s locked. But you do need to activate the phone’s display to get to this shortcut, and in extremis, that split-second or two could potentially mean the difference between an average Instagram post and a Wildlife Photographer of the Year commendation.

It’s quite an ambitious undertaking and one that would presumably take a lot of trial and error to get ‘just right’, so that it actually adds value to the new 2019 iPhone – potentially dubbed the iPhone 11 – and doesn’t risk becoming an annoyance. Think of how infuriating it would be to have the iPhone’s camera app open every time you lift your phone just to check your WhatsApp notifications?

Even the patent concedes that, “we’re not sure what kind of position will determine your intent at taking a photo,” so there’s clearly some work to be done, but if such a feature is to be included on the iPhone 11 – which is expected to be released in September 2019 – we might get a sneak peek of it at WWDC 2019 by way of iOS 13.

Equally, it’s important to remember that while patents give us an idea of what companies like Apple are working on behind the scenes, they’re not a surefire indicator that this new feature is coming to the new 2019 iPhone, as many never make it beyond the R&D labs.

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