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Some iPhone 11 users say wireless charging no longer works

Some iPhone 11 users have run into an issue with wirelessly charging their new phone. There’s a multitude of complaints on the Apple Support Communities forum that all describe what appears to be the same problem. But on the positive side, a really straightforward fix seems to have done the trick for some people.

But first, the issue. Some Apple customers are reporting that wireless charging on the iPhone 11 simply isn’t working − and it’s got nothing to do with incompatible or dodgy charging pads, or obstructive phone cases.

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Some have said that that their iPhone 11 will recognise that it’s been placed on a wireless charger, but refuse to actually charge. Some have said that their handset even heats up, but still doesn’t charge. One user has said that they went as far as strapping their iPhone 11 to their charger to make sure it was sat flush against it − but to no avail.

You can read more complaints and discussions here, here, here, here, here and here.

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The issue appears to have been triggered by an Apple software update, but the reports we’ve read aren’t entirely consistent.

Many of those affected by the issue say that wireless charging stopped working after they updated to iOS 13.1.2. However, iOS 13.1.1 and iOS 13.2 have also been blamed for triggering the issue, and some users have actually hailed the iOS 13.1.2 update as the solution to the problem.

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Apple is yet to issue an official response to the complaints, but some users have claimed that simply turning their iPhone 11 off and on again fixed the problem. However, in line with the messy nature of the situation, this apparent fix doesn’t appear to have worked for everyone.

Apple has a wireless charging support page here, but it doesn’t address this particular issue. Let us know if you’ve also been affected by tweeting us @TrustedReviews. Did restarting your phone help?