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iPhone 11 could rival Pixel 3 with new Night Mode

The iPhone 11 camera introduces a new Night Mode to improve the quality of your low light photography, and the results look impressive.

At Apple’s Special Launch Event on September 10, the all-new iPhone 11 was unveiled, and the feature grabbing all the attention is the new camera. One of the most impressive modes that was shown off at the event was Night Mode, which improves the quality of lowlight photography. This mode is triggered automatically when there’s little natural or artificial light, and restores detail that would otherwise be missing. In the sample photo (below), the mode is shown off (left) and on (right), showing the massive difference made by this great software feature.

iPhone 11: Night Mode

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This incredible feature will be in up against the best Android flagships, and it will be a tough competition because we’ve already been stunned by lowlight results from rival manufacturers.┬áThe Samsung Galaxy S10 has fairly good control in low light, preventing highlights from being blown out, but it didn’t quite match up to the quality of the iPhone XS under the same conditions. Our overall top-choice camera phone, the Huawei P30 Pro, managed a very even exposure in low light, giving very realistic results. But the undisputed best smartphone camera for lowlight performance is the Google Pixel 3, whose Night Sight mode gives a great amount of detail even to shots taken in complete darkness; we found that the results are better than even your eye can perceive.

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Along with this nifty new software feature, the big hardware news for the iPhone 11 camera is its ultra wide-angle lens, which gives users the option of having wider shots than the usual main lens can allow – and the camera app will let you switch between the two very easily. We’re looking forward to putting the iPhone 11 through our full review to see how it compares to the best camera phones on the market.