iPhone 1.1.1 Unlock Out As Orange Lands Le iPhone

Early unlockers are still up a certain creek without a vital piece of propulsion equipment.

It was just a matter of time, but – as it turns out – not a lot of time…

AnySim has officially released a new version (v1.1 ironically) of its iPhone unlocking software that unlocks iPhones running the infamous v1.1.1 WiFi iTunes update.

There is a catch however and the catch is that it only works for those who have not unlocked their iPhones before and instead are simply using a vanilla handset running v1.1.1. On the bright side, the iPhone Dev Team behind the AnySim says the release does pave the way for it to create a full any-iPhone 1.1.1 unlocker so fingers’ crossed.

Still, it’s free.

In related news, those quirky French have finally resolved their iPhone complaints and official-ed up the Orange deal which we’ve known about for ages. Unfortunately for our Gaelic cousins, the dispute means their handsets won’t arrive now until 29 November, but of course I absolutely (s)do(/s) do not encourage you taunting our beleaguered semi-final victims any more. They’ve already suffered enough…

iPhone France

AnySim not linked for all-too-obvious lawyer-tastic reasons