Is the 2018 iPad Pro’s design going to be inspired by the iPhone X?

When the original Apple iPad launched, it looked like a giant Apple iPhone 3GS. Now that Apple’s smartphone has been reimagined with the almost bezel-less iPhone X, isn’t it time the iPad followed suit and ditched the frame? There are certainly some clues that Apple is thinking along these lines.

First up, a heavy hint found hidden in the iOS 12 development beta. You know how the iPhone X has rounded edges to the display, rather the regular angular affair?

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Well, 9to5Mac has discovered references in the code to make the corners of the UI rounded – and it refers to the codename “J3xx” which indicates a tablet, rather than a phone (in the past J3 followed by two digits has referred to the iPad).

That’s a strong indicator, but hardly conclusive. But there are two more bits of evidence which make this rumour feel a bit more substantial.

The first is that developer Steve Troughton-Smith revealed that animoji will be supported by the iPad, with iOS 12. That requires a TrueDepth camera, which in turn requires Face ID, which suggests no home button – just like the iPhone X.

Then there’s a suspicious icon, uncovered by 9to5Mac in the battery usage UI section of the iOS 12 developer preview. On the left is the old iPad icon, and on the right is the new one.

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As you can see the new icon has no bezels or home button. Intriguingly, there’s also no notch to house the front-facing camera that would be required for Face ID, so either this is an icon with optimistic dimensions, or Apple has something else in mind.

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