iPad Mini 5: Is this our first look at the revamped 2019 tablet?

The iPad mini 5 could finally arrive in 2019. Here are latest rumours on price, specs, features and release date for the expected new baby in the Apple iPad family.

Is there still a market for an iPad mini in 2019? Apple has been selling the iPad mini 4 since 2015 without a hint of an update. Since then, the iPad Pro has become the focus of the company’s slate-based ambitions, while the standard 9.7-inch iPad is better and more affordable than ever.

Where exactly does the iPad mini fit into this, especially with the 2018 iPhone XS Max now at 6.5-inches and the existing iPad mini only slightly larger at 7.9-inches.

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Them’s the facts, folks, but recent talk is that Apple will indeed resurrect the iPad mini line with a fifth-generation model sometime in 2019. Analysts have been tipping an iPad mini 5 for a while now, and this week we may have got our first look at the new tablet.

An image shared by a Twitter user going by the handle @IaobaiTD (via 9to5Mac) appears to show a slightly different-looking iPad mini. The discreet aerial on the back of the device looks like the telltale sign here.

The current iPad mini 4 offers a plastic antenna design, but this one is much more minimal, with clear lines akin to those we see on iPhone and iPad Pro devices.

The leak also shows a fetching gold design, accompanied by many familiar features, including the volume rockers, single-lens camera, power button and 3.5mm jack. There’s no news of any specs, release date or price just yet. If Apple does announce the device, we’d expect it to land sometime in the middle of the year.

Apple currently sells the iPad mini for $399/£329, so any new device is likely to warrant a significant price cut, given the 9.7-inch iPad is only $329/$319.

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