iPad Air Video: An in-depth look at Apple’s latest tablet

Our iPad Air video is in, and now you can take a gander at what we made of Apple’s latest 9.7-inch tablet in lovely moving picture form.

In the wake of our full iPad Air review where we described the Google Nexus 10 rival as “the best overall 10-inch tablet you can buy by quite a margin,” we have now put it to the test in front of the camera for your viewing pleasure.

Featuring an all-new form factor that is considerably lighter and  slimmer than its predecessor, the iPad 4, the iPad Air has followed in the footsteps of the iPhone 5S, gaining a performance boost from the jump to the company’s new 64-bit A7 processor and iOS 7 operating system.

We are currently struggling to see how Apple could possible improve on the iPad Air next time round, take a look at the iPad Air video below to see if you agree with us.