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iOS 7 to introduce head movement controls

iOS 7 will allow users to control their iOS device using head movements, a feature discovered in the new iOS 7 beta 2.

Found in the Accessibility section within the Settings menu, the head movement control option will allows users to access certain features using head gestures in the newly confirmed iOS 7.

Left or right head movements can be used to access the home button, for example. Other functions that can be controlled using head movements include calling up Siri, opening the Notification Centre, increase or decrease the volume, open the App Switcher panel or even just tap the touchscreen.

It seems that all the available options offered with any left or right head movement are cycled through, with an additional head movement made to select that option.

Intended for Accessibility iOS 7 users, the new head movement controls are nonetheless an interesting addition to Apple’s new mobile OS.

Similar to the Samsung SmartScroll and SmartPause functions found within the Samsung Galaxy S4, iOS 7 looks to take advantage of the sensor and cameras in Apple devices like the iPad mini and iPhone 5.

The new head movement control feature was discovered in the iOS 7 beta 2 version released earlier this week to iOS developers.

Some of the new features discovered in the version 2 beta of iOS 7 include new male and female Siri voices and iPad support. iOS 7 beta 2 also included the Voice Memos app that was missing from the original iOS 7 beta.

iOS 7 brings a flatter and more refined user experience than the current iOS 6 operating system, which Apple describes as “the most significant update since the original iPhone.”

The iOS 7 will launch in autumn as a free download for iPhone 4, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5, with the iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4 also making the iOS 7 cut.

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iOS 7 head movement controls

Via: 9to5mac