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iOS 7 previewed ahead of WWDC reveal

Apple will be unveiling iOS 7 at 6pm tonight, but its bold mobile OS redesign has already been previewed.

Over at 9to5Mac, one contributor has been given a “quick peek” at an early beta version of iOS 7. Whilst no screenshots could be provided, impressions and detailed Photoshop mock-ups (pictured) grant a pretty good idea of the direction Apple is taking.

The report confirms initial claims of a flatter, more unified OS, with simpler and more stylised app icons. The likes of the Photos and Game Center icons have been changed completely, with both replacing the slightly tacky real-world images of the originals with overlapping semi-translucent blocks of colour.

The app dock at the bottom of the screen is now delineated by a simple transparent line rather than a solid bar.

Another interesting – though admittedly minor – change is the mobile signal bar, which is now a line of five white dots that can be greyed out according to the signal strength.

But most interesting of all is the claim that Apple has produced two colour schemes for iOS 7 – “one black-ish and one white-ish.” When in black mode, the keyboard is black with grey letters, while white mode features grey keys with white letters.

It’s unclear whether both will feature as options within iOS 7, or whether Apple simply hasn’t decided on which to run with yet. Another interesting suggestion is that Apple might dynamically change the colour scheme on your iPhone or iPad according to the level of ambient lighting or time of day.

Among the other reported tweaks, new walking directions in the Maps app is probably the most exciting.

Stay tuned for news on the full iOS 7 reveal from 6pm tonight, alongside the probable reveal of a revamped MacBook range, and plenty more besides.

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