iOS 5 Getting Speech-to-Text

When Apple unveiled iOS 5 at the start of June, it highlighted many new features (Notification Centre,

PC free, iMessage and Newsstand) but one it failed to mention was the

integration of speech recognition.

Nuance is the company behind the Dragon speech recognition

engine for Mac and PC, and it has been uncovered that Nuance speech recognition

could be coming to iOS 5 for the iPhone and iPod touch, but not the iPad.

iOS 5 Speech-to-Text

Indications of iOS 5’s speech-to-text functionality come via

screen shots sent to 9to5 Mac which show a microphone key located next to the space bar in the on-screen


Pressing this button brings up a new microphone overlay

(seen above) which will appear for as long as you are talking. Once you’ve

stopped talking the text will appear in the text field as seen in the picture


                      iOS 5 Speech-to-Text

The iOS 5 software is in beta testing at the moment with a

launch due in the coming month or so. The sources also told 9to5 Mac that the

functionality will only be incorporated into the smaller iPhone and iPod touch

devices and not the all-conquering iPad devices.

Apple last year bought the Siri speech recognition app but

since Nuance is the technology behind this and many other speech recognition apps, it

is believed that Apple is talking directly to Nuance about this new


We won’t find out for sure if this is indeed included with

iOS 5 until the software is officially released, but its addition would surely enhance

all iOS devices.

Source: 9to5 Mac