Intrvl Band is a fitness band for 20-minute workouts

If you don’t have the time or inclination to spend hours down the gym, maybe shorter workouts are better suited for you. Now there’s a fitness band especially for that.

It’s called Intrvl Band, and it’s a simple, affordable gym buddy. But that low price does mean some compromises.

For starters, it’s more of a counter than a fitness tracker. There’s no heart rate monitor, step counter, or activity tracking of any kind, so you can’t see how well you performed. Rather, it comes with four pre-programmed work/rest intervals – 20/10 (so work out for 20 seconds, rest for 10), 30/30, 40/20 and custom. The idea is that whichever exercise you’re doing – be it planking, sprinting, lifting weights, or whatever – you do it intensely for short bursts, then rest for a short time.

Keep up this interval training, and over 20 minutes you’ll have quite a workout.

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It keeps track of how many sets you’ve done, so you’ll know when your 20 minutes is up. And it has pre-programmed timers for 30 seconds, 60 seconds and custom. So if you’re particularly adept at planking, say, you can program that set to last more than a minute. Sounds like torture.

A two-hour charge will give it between three and four days of use. It’s a shame it doesn’t have activity tracking features too (even a step counter would be welcome), but then it does only cost $35 (£25) on an early bird. It’s raised just under $5,000 of a $12,000 goal, with 35 days to go. If successful, it will ship in May.


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