Intel’s Mobile Quad Core Arriving Q3’08

The processors everyone wants in their new Centrino 2 notebook.

Intel’s plans, revealed last year, to see mobile quad-core processors coming in summer 2008 have just been made a little clearer. According to DigiTimes’s sources, Q3 will indeed see the launch of Intel’s QX9300 – helpfully keeping exactly the same nomenclature as desktop parts.

The QX9300 will, of course, be on the 45nm Penryn process; it will also fit into the same motherboard socket as dual-core offerings. More importantly it will come clocked at 2.53GHz on a 1066MHz front-side bus and boast a huge (especially for a notebook CPU) 12MB of L2 cache.

It is expected to cost around $1,000 in 1,000-unit trays, which gives a rough indicator of the kind of price-range notebook it will be slotting into. While systems should be available soon after this launch, Intel isn’t expecting mainstream adoption of mobile quad-core until mid-2009, which seems a fair assumption.

Given that third parties are already cramming desktop quad-core processors into systems, such as Rock’s Xtreme Xl8, seeing native chips will doubtless be of great appeal to the select few buyers interested in owning such a machine. If you really must have the best of the best in your notebook, you’ll be wanting one of these come release.