Intel Takes nVidia To Court But May Play Nice

Good cop, bad cop played by the company simultaneously?!

I’d never have picked Intel as a company not to hold grudges, but it seems the CPU giant can be quite reasonable towards those it takes to court…

Yesterday that company was nVidia as Intel “seeks to have the court declare that NVIDIA is not licensed to produce chipsets that are compatible with any Intel processor that has integrated memory controller functionality, such as Intel’s Nehalem (Core i7) microprocessors and that NVIDIA has breached the agreement with Intel by falsely claiming that it is licensed.”

Should Intel get its way however then comes this:

“I wouldn’t rule out a renegotiation if we win the suit,” admitted Intel spokesperson Chuck Mulloy to our former sister site Bit-tech. “There are options available to us and re-negotiating the license is one of them.” He added “The other options we have are confidential at this time and we’re not willing to discuss them.”

So, if we are to get this right: Intel is angry at nVidia for what it sees as the GPU monolith overstepping the mark and messing with its intellectual property BUT ”should” it prove this to be the case in a court of law then it may well allow nVidia to proceed anyway. Kind of a we’re-trying-to-make-a-point-lawsuit then?

So nVidia, time to start shaking. After all, if you win the libel then you win and if you lose the libel you may well still win. Gotta love those odds…

via Bit-tech

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