Intel’s new Core i7-7740K breaks records with 7.5GHz overclock

A new overclocking record has been by the Intel Core i7-7740K quad-core processor.

The chip has officially been overclocked to a scarily fast 7.5GHz thanks to the Gigabyte company.

Recently revealed at Computex, the i7-7740K was used by Gigabyte’s HiCookie, who paired the processor with the company’s own X299-SOC motherboard to put the new Intel chip to the ultimate test.

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The chip was able to reach a mighty 7.5GHz thanks to the liquid helium cooling system, which allowed the system to crank up a super-fast overclock in an environment that was sitting at -250ºC.

intel core x

Gigabyte also managed to smash previous records held for the 3DMark06 benchmark by creating a system seen running at 7.1GHz, with liquid nitrogen cooling to thank once again for the ridiculously fast overclock.

This particular system also featured a Aorus GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Xtreme Edition graphics card.

Both of these incredible overclocks show the capabilities of Intel’s new X-series of chips when pushed to their very limits.

It will be very interesting to see how these new chips perform for the average user who opts for a water or air cooling method for their PC.

Are you going to get your hands on any of Intel’s new X Series of chips? Let us know in the comments?