Intel Reducing Q4 Revenue Expectations

By, wait for it, one billion dollars!

With nVidia and AMD posting less-than-ideal financial results, it’s hardly surprising that Intel is downscaling its predictions for Q4. Although readjusting revenue forecasts from $10.1-10.9 billion to $9 billion plus or minus $300 million can hardly be considered a bleak outlook.

In Intel’s words: “Revenue is being affected by significantly weaker than expected demand in all geographies and market segments. In addition, the PC supply chain is aggressively reducing component inventories.”

Hardly rocket science. People are spending less money, thus buying less PCs, thus PC manufacturers are buying less components. How fortunate for Intel it has its foot well and truly wedged in the door of the netbook market, too as sales of those cheap and cheerful machines seem to be increasing non-stop.

Besides, you’re all going to go buy Nehalem systems for Christmas, right?