Intel Mobile Quad Core Chips Up And Running

No longer just a pipe-dream.

I know what you’re thinking: as impressive as the current range of Core 2 Extreme mobile processors is, it isn’t quite extreme enough. Not any more. At his IDF Taiwan keynote presentation, Intel’s Vice President of Mobile Platforms Group, Mooly Eden, unveiled a working quad-core mobile chip.

Despite being early in the development cycle (a mere three days out of manufacture apparently), the chip survived running the recent Enemy Territory: Quake Wars throughout the keynote.

No information is available on clock speeds, cache sizes or such-like, but we do know the chips will have a TDP of 45W, up from the dual-core range’s 35W, so battery life will be taking a hit, however the extra performance should make it an acceptable sacrifice. Intel is still reportedly on track for a Q3’08 release and I am already salivating.

At the same keynote presentation a couple of other rather funky pieces of kit were revealed. One is a new cooling system based on compressor technology, as seen in fridges, the other was slightly more bizarre. Proving once again that Science is clearly crazy, Intel is developing a new material which allows the passage of air but not of water. The intention is that air-intakes could be placed under a keyboard without the risks of spilled coffee frying your notebook. I’m also holding out for some kind underwater-breathing mask.

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