Intel Mobile Processors To Be Refreshed

Well the desktop folks can't have all the fun.

According to Intel documents allegedly seen by The Register, Intel is planning to release some additions to its mobile lineup on 2nd September, supposedly alongside some tweaking to the current Core 2 range. Slotting in with the current 800MHz Santa Rosa processors, the new T7800 will sit alongside the Core 2 Extreme X7800, but without the overclocking ability, at the top of the Intel tree running at 2.6GHz with 4MB of cache.

Along the scale, the 667MHZ FSB, 2.0GHz, T7200 is to be joined by the likewise clocked T7250 which runs on a faster 800MHz bus, but drops from 4MB to 2MB of cache. Along with these introductions, the current chips will see their prices cut in line with the new pieces.

Based on (as ever) 1000 unit batches, the T7800 is likely to replace the T7700 in price at around $530, with the latter falling to somwhere in the region of $300 while the T7500 will probably fall to around $240. Also being introduced with the new Core 2 processors will be the Celeron 550, a 2.0GHz part on a 533MHz FSB, which should also bring some price reductions to its own range.

We have contacted Intel to get confirmation of this data but at present haven’t received a reply, so check back for more information.

The Register

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