´Intel Inside´ Bites The Dust

But will it be the end of that irritating durr-ding-durr-ding?

There’s a depressingly large amount of spin the IT industry, from misleading megapixel ratings and disc storage capacities to the (thankfully) dying importance placed on CPU clock rates. The spreader of the last of these is having a rethink, however, and with it has gone perhaps the most famous marketing phrase of the computing age.


´Intel Inside´ is dead. I can’t say I’m particularly saddened, in fact – if truth be told – I’m rather pleased at its passing. Instead we will get the rather more ambiguous phrase ´Leap Ahead´ which already seems no better, but it does fit with the company’s recent processor rebranding which simplifies (I hasten to suggest Dumbs Down…) existing and imminent product lines.

Whether we’ll be treated to something a little less brain crushingly irritating than the current Intel signature tune (which infamously gives all who use it help with advertising costs) is as yet unknown. We suspect durr-ding, durr-ding is on life support as we speak though, and we will take this small acoustic victory and dance around dizzy with delight.

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