Intel Goes To 45nm

The smaller the better.

AMD troubled monolith Intel is fighting back in the technology stakes after announcing it has become the first company to demonstrate working 45 nanometre (nm) chips.


Now at this stage we’re not talking about fully fledged processors, but SRAM (Static Random Access Memory) which the company doesn’t intend to be a product but more of a test bed for this critical next die shrinkage. The CPUs themselves are not expected to be mass produced at 45nm until 2007.

When they do arrive, however, 45nm CPUs promise some nifty advantages over today’s current 65nm processors with Intel quoting five times less leakage power and cooler running temperatures allowing for higher clock rates and, as we all know, this means greater speed and longer battery life. Fabrication plants in Oregon, Arizona and (the Benny highlighted) Israel will be the first to push forward with the initial 45nm development with the rest remaining on 65nm duty for the time being.

With every die drink we see a nice performance leap and power savings and there is no reason to think the jump to 45nm will offer anything less. On a less positive note, the move also helps Intel keep banging on about Moore’s Law, but that ship sailed a long time ago…

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