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Intel expects power of super computer in button-sized machine by 2020

Intel has set forth its vision for the near future of technology based on its products, revealing that it expects there to be the same 120gigaflops processing power in a machine the size of a button in 2020 as there was in a super computer from 1993.

The figure was used by Kirk Skaugen, Intel’s SVP and General Manager of client devices, in his keynote speech here at Computex to demonstrate just how quickly technology is developing, suggesting its Intel Curie platform for wearable devices will have this level of processing power within five years. Given that it currently can run at 2gigaflops, it clearly still has some way to go.

Looking a little less far into the future, Intel also showed off a couple of prototype touchscreen PC devices based on its upcoming generation of processors that will be arriving in products next year.

Intel Computex 2015

The most notable of these was a large all-in-one touchscreen PC that is passively cooled, battery powered, much less than an inch thick and that can fold flat. Skaugen even joked it could be the future of mobile phones.

Intel believes that what will drive the need for such processing power will be yet further advancements in video. There’s been a lot of talk of 4k being the next big challenge for processor companies here at Computex but Intel showed how that’s just the start.