Intel Drops CPU Prices

And Introduces low-power models.

Following Intel Q4 revenue results, the company has introduced a new pricing structure for its CPU line-up. Not only, Daily Tech reports, introducing price cuts across a wide range of processors, but also launching a couple of new chips.

More notable are three low-voltage quad-core Core 2 Quad processors, the Q9550s, Q9400s and Q8200s. There’s a price premium over the non-‘s’ flavoured CPUs, but in return the TDP drops from 95W to 65W, a fairly significant power reduction.

The pricing structure for Core 2 CPUs now looks as below, as ever in 1,000 unit trays. Good luck guessing UK on-the-street costs in the current economic climate.

These reductions should better place Intel’s quad-core CPUs to compete with AMD’s cheaper, if slower, Phenom II processor range. There’s no sign yet of any cut price or low-power Core i7 CPUs, alas.

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