Intel Details First GPU Plus CPU Integrated Chip

Codename: Clarkdale.

As if the official unveil of its 32nm manufacturing process wasn’t enough, Intel has also seen fit to release some details of its forthcoming Clarkdale processor. The much talked about and eagerly awaited fusion of a GPU and CPU in the same package, for those not quite au fait with Intel’s internal codenames.

Much like AMD Shrike the package isn’t a complete single-die solution, but rather a multi-chip – though single socket – package. Inside a Clarkdale CPU will sit two processing cores capable of handling two threads each, a DDR3 memory controller and a graphics chip which Intel says should offer performance in line with its current G45 chipset offerings.

These components will, unsurprisingly, communicate via QPI links. Interestingly, while the processor cores will be built using a 32nm process, the memory controller and IGP will remain using 45nm technology. No doubt a further revision of that CPU will be released later with the entire internal workings on a 32nm process – after all, there has to be some way to persuade customers to upgrade again.

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