Intel Demonstrates Nehalem-EX CPU

Up to 128 concurrent threads.

Intel has shown off its forthcoming latest addition to the Xeon CPU range: Nehalem-EX. Entering production later this year, Nehalem-EX CPUs will run 16 threads across eight cores, coupled to a massive 24MB of cache.

Nehalem-EX will scale up to eight sockets, giving a crazy 64 cores and 128 threads, as can be seen in the video below. The improved scalability, says Intel, comes thanks to the provision of its Quick Path Interface, which eliminates the need for third part chipsets in these multi-socket platforms.

Features previously found on Intel’s Itanium CPUs have migrated across to Nehalem-EX, too, such as Machine Check Architecture Recovery (whereby the OS can be alerted of any hardware errors).

Currently these CPUs won’t be of much interest to anyone not in the server business. But we all know that this year’s server chip is next year’s high-end consumer product so it’s nice to know exactly what we’ll be unable to afford in a few months.


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