Intel Arrives On Apple

Dual core processors claim to be 'up to four times faster than Powerbook G4'...

So the first Intel powered Apple computers are out, what’s the dealio?


The big news is the ‘MacBook Pro’. A whole new line created to celebrate the move to Intel’s latest and greatest processors. It will be powered by Core Duo chips running at either 1.67GHz or 1.83GHz and Apple claims the new line will be up to 4x faster than previous notebooks.

Surrounding this headlining technology change will be a nifty 15.4in widescreen 1440 x 900 display, graphics courtesy of a new ATI Radeon X1600 card (choices between 128 or 256MB RAM), expandable RAM up to 2GB, a backlit keyboard, dual link DVI (for the 30in monster screens), 120GB HDD, dual layer burner and the usual raft of connectivity options.

Being an Apple designed machine we also can’t skip over the fact that is looks gorgeous. The thickness is just 2.59cm and it weighs only 2.54Kg with the battery and optical drive installed. Prices begin from £1,429 including VAT and simply put: I want one.


It also turns out that the iMac line was not far behind crossing the Intel finish line and two models will be sporting Core Duo processors running at either 1.83 or 2GHz. Likewise, an ATI Radeon X1600 graphics card will also spruce things up, though the rest of the specs stay pretty familiar. Hard drives can be had up to 500GB, RAM to 2GB, built in AirPort Extreme for WiFi networking, Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth 2.0 Enhanced Data Rate (EDR), five USB ports (three USB2.0), two FireWire and now mini-DVI to connect up to a 23in Apple Cinema Display.

Prices start from £929 including VAT and from there – as you all know – the sky is pretty much the limit. Ho’ hum, why can Microsoft orientated kit ever look this good…?

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