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Instagram is testing out a way to rewind and fast-forward videos

Instagram, remembering that it is 2019, is trying out a new seek bar on the app to let people scrub forwards and backwards through videos.

A select few users will have the test rolled out to them, giving them a seek bar if they press on a video. This will then allow them to slide their finger to the left or right to scrub through the video, with a timecode popping up to let them know where they’re at.

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It’s a pretty basic feature, and one that’s been conspicuous by its absence in Instagram, especially as it’s in Instagram’s own lesser-used IGTV app.  The feature has occasionally popped up in the app for a few people, as the company have tested it out a few different times in the last couple of years. However, it’s never stuck.

If it does make it to Instagram, it’s about time. It would be great if in addition to scrubbing through videos on the Instagram timeline it could also be used to speed through videos uploaded as part of Instagram stories, letting users catch up with their friend’s booze-soaked videos a little faster.

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Hopefully the feature leaves testing soon and becomes standard issue, because it would be a big quality of life improvement, but we’ll have to see. As we’ve said, this isn’t the first time Instagram has rolled this feature out for testing, and clearly they weren’t too happy with it back then. We can hope though.

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