Instagram Bolt leaked as Snapchat rival

Instagram may have just leaked its own Snapchat rival, known as Bolt.

It looks like Instagram might be working on a service to rival messaging service Snapchat, according to advertisement spotted on the Instagram app.

Within the Instagram app, particularly on Android devices it seems, users started spotting an advertisement introducing Bolt, which was described as a “one tap photo messaging” service.

The ad even included a link to buy the free app from the Google Play store, but this lead to a 404 page when you headed to the Android app store.

Although only a few users spotted the obviously accidently published ad, it looks like Instagram has a new service to pull out of the bag in the near future.

Facebook is well known for secretly testing upcoming features within its various apps, but it looks like it has been particularly careless with this one and not kept it as hidden as it would have liked.

This isn’t the first time a new service from Instagram owner Facebook has been leaked either.

For example, Facebook accidentally leaked its own Slingshot messaging service onto the iOS App Store before swiftly removing it.

There’s no word as to when Bolt will be launched, but from the looks of the ad, Facebook and Instagram isn’t far off from announcing the new service.

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Instagram Bolt leak
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