Images Of New Apple HQ Unveiled

Apple briefly surpassed Exxon Mobil as the most

valuable company in the world by market capitalization last week, valuing the company at

around $350 billion. To reflect its status as one of the world’s most valuable

companies, Apple is planning a futuristic new headquarters.

Called Campus 2, Apple’s new office, research and development

facility will cover 2.8 million square feet and the main circular building will

sit in the middle of lush green parkland in Cupertino.  Included in the headquarters is a 300,000 square foot research facilities – where Apple will be working on the iPad 14 and iPhone 23.

Apple Campus 2

Included in the building will be a corporate fitness centre,

a 1,000-seater auditorium and the four-storey circular building will be covered

in glass to let employees look out on the landscaped gardens. The building will accommodate 13,000 employees who will park cars

underground. This means that 80 per cent of the 150 acre site will be

landscaped, including 6,000 trees.

Apple Campus 2

Apple will seek to offset some of the carbon footprint of

the new facility with its on-site “energy centre” which will provide some of the

power for the building. The company behind the radical design of the new

building is London-based Foster and Partners who will work with ARUP North

America and Kier & Wright, a local engineering firm that has worked on

Apple’s current campus.

Apple Campus 2

Work on the new building is set to begin next year with the scheduled

completion date set as 2015. With Apple having almost £50 billion in cash on

reserve, it will likely spare nothing in kitting out its futuristic headquarters

with the best and latest technology – not that we’re jealous or anything.