Images of BlackBerry Storm 2 Leak

Goodbye Click Screen, hello WiFi?

Once again it’s time to peak through those sugar glass RIM security doors: I spy with my little eye… something… called… a BlackBerry Storm 2!

Leaked to the ever resourceful, the shots look right on the money and show a handset which appears far more svelte than its chunky love it/hate it predecessor – even if the lineage is clear.

Points of note here outside the superficialities are the 3.2MP camera – megapixel count unchanged from the original BlackBerry Storm – and what appears to be a WiFi icon in the top right corner, so that’s one wrong righted. Furthermore, following reports the Storm 2 has “a new manner to input text” it appears the ‘Click Screen’ has gone to be replaced by a more traditional flush display which we pray uses ”capacitive” technology.

For every plus there often seems a minus however and it looks like the physical row of buttons along the bottom of the Storm have been swapped out in favour of the visually beautiful/annoying practicality of touch sensitive keys. Samsung and LG have long had an obsession with such keys but recently snapped out of it.

This being RIM expect more leaks soon – probably a full specification list – and a launch in the next couple of months…

”’Update:”’ Now Engadget has more shots of the Storm 2. Sugar glass I tell you, ”sugar glass!”

via CrackBerry

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