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Ikawa Home Roaster is an app-controlled home coffee machine

This is one of the most versatile coffee machines we’ve seen. It gives you control back over how you make your coffee and can be controlled using an app on your phone too.

The Ikawa Home Roaster takes green coffee beans, which – according to the manufacturers – stay fresh a lot longer than regular beans. So you can source beans from wherever you want, and make sure you’re getting the freshest cup of coffee possible.

It also lets you experiment with how you make your brew. You can try a light roast to bring out the citrus and floral flavours, or a longer toast to get more of the sweetness.

It includes a cyclone to do away with waste so the roaster never becomes blocked. If that sounds like something James Dyson would come up with, you’re not far wrong – it has his support.

You can control the roaster through an app for both Android and iOS. Enter which type of beans you have and it’ll suggest how to roast them to get the best results. But of course you can experiment yourself, making it hotter, cooler, longer etc to see what flavours you can get.

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Stumbled across the perfect cup? You can upload your recipe and share it with others through the app. And you can download others’ (and pass them off as your own).

It’s approaching its £80,000 funding goal and still has 25 days to go. The machine can be yours for £500, and will ship in February next year.