IFA Day Zero TV Round-up

We've already got a boat-load of news out of the show that officially starts today.

While the official website lists what is apparently the world’s largest consumer electronics exhibition as starting today, there were more product announcements yesterday than in the last couple of months by my reckoning. Unfortunately, unlike the convenience of a press release, the amount of information available on all these products is limited at best, so we’ll just bring you what we consider the pick of the crop and hopefully make full announcements when more details become available later.

So, up first we have the LG LT75, which will come in 32in, 37in and 42in LCD flavours and the plasma LT85 with the choice of 42in of 50in. The defining feature of both sets is the integrated 160GB hard drive and DVR capabilities, as seen on many sets from Humax previously. 8-day EPG support is included with all the usual refinements. There will also be a range of 100Hz sets coming soon, although we don’t know anything more on that yet. Still, we have time yet for an announcement from LG.

Sharp, meanwhile, has decided to take a different approach with its new prototype, and instead of cramming more stuff into a TV has instead managed to shrink it down to a svelte 29mm thick, while claiming a simply astonishing 100,000:1 contrast ratio. No doubt LED back-lighting is the key here and we look forward to being able to grab more details as they become available.

Lastly, Phillips has indeed (as Gordon suggested) unveiled its new Aurea-fitted line of TVs today. Coming, at least initially, only in 42in, the set offers a full 1080p, 100Hz panel, Pixel Perfect HD image processing and, of course, a funky looking, Ambilight-succeeding, glowing bezel. Even more interesting is the claim that the set has 26 speakers hidden behind the surround, in the form of two subwoofers at the base and 12 (yes 12), micro-drivers either side. I jest not.

IFA official site.

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