Ice Cream Sandwich Coming October/November

Ice-cream in November may not sound like much of a treat, but for

fans of Android, it is something they will be eagerly looking forward to.

According to executive chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt, the

latest version of the operating system will arrive in either October or

November. In an interview (see video below) with the former CEO said: “We have a

new operating system, internally known as Ice Cream Sandwich for some reason,

which is being released in October/November, which everyone’s really excited


Ice Cream Sandwich was

launched officially in May and is set to combine the fragmented smartphone and

tablet versions of Android. It is said to intelligently adapt to whatever

device it is running on.

Ice Cream Sandwich

Last month we got the first leaked images purporting to show

the unifying OS, but we gleaned little information on how Ice Cream Sandwich

will be able to adapt to various devices.

The first handset that will ship with the updated OS will

probably the latest Nexus model, which will probably be called the Nexus Prime

and could be built by Google’s new hardware partner, Motorola.

We should know more when the man in charge of the Android

software, Andy Rubin, takes the stage at the AsiaD conference, which takes

place between 19 and 21 October in Hong Kong.