i-mate Announces Military Grade Rugged Smartphone

Combines durability and desirability very well.

It may not have the pomp and circumstance of many bigger rivals but i-mate is quietly going about things the right way on this evidence…

The ‘810-F’ is a nice looking BlackBerry-esque new rugged smartphone. It may be built on a rather unfriendly Windows Mobile 6.1 base but look past that and you’ll find a handset built to MIL-STD-810F military standards to withstand high levels of humidity, heat, water, dust, pressure and shock. I-mate even boasts that the 810-F can be fully submerged in water and come out with no ill-effects.

Beyond its durability however you’ll also discover a rugged smartphone finally stocked up with decent specs including a QVGA LCD, HSDPA, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, GPS with a digital compass and 2.2GB of internal memory. For security the handset can also be locked and erased remotely from a PC. Lastly, a 2MP camera is fairly run of the mill but shouldn’t bother its target audience of (s)clumsy individuals(/s) those regularly roughing the elements.

There is no pricing information for the i-mate 810-F at present but it is likely to be sold unlocked and carrier free. Details should appear soon as the handset makes its public debut in just a few weeks. It’ll be looking to make a splash… (sorry).

i-mate UK

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