I Lock It is a fully automatic bike lock

There are plenty of smart locks for bikes around, but this one adds quite a cool feature. It locks itself automatically as you walk away.

That’s because it connects to your phone over Bluetooth LE. It detects when you get a certain distance away and automatically locks itself.

Not only that, you can set it to automatically unlock too. So as you approach, it’ll unfasten itself so you can hop on and get riding.

What other features does I Lock It have? It’ll sound an alarm if anyone tries to tamper with it, and it’ll send you a notification too, just in case you’re not within earshot.

If you don’t have your phone with you, or your battery dies, you can still use I Lock It – just enter an eight-digit PIN instead. Or if you’d rather not take your phone cycling, or – heaven forfend! – you don’t have a smartphone, you can use the same proximity functionality using a key fob.

GPS tracking comes as standard, so you can use the app to remember where you parked, and you can share your ride with friends with a couple of clicks.

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