Hulu Coming to the UK Soon?

Rumour has it that buying UK content to distribute is equivalent to announcing a UK launch.

Hulu has announced the signing of a number of British TV shows and, in the process, triggering widespread rumour that the channel is preparing for a UK launch.

While Hulu has expressed interest in going global, correlating adding UK content to its repertoire with an imminent launch into the UK seems a bit of a stretch. Speaking to the Financial Times, Andy Forssell, Hulu’s senior vice president of content acquisition and distribution, commented that: “We’re having discussions in the top six to eight markets” adding that “we’re laying the groundwork.” Hardly a confirmation that Hulu is going to be seeing UK availability any time soon – as much as we’d all love it to.

For those interested, the UK programmes in question include Peep Show (a personal favourite), Green Wing, and Kingdom. Hulu says it is also in talks with the likes of the BBC and ITV to add their content to its repertoire.

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