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Huawei’s TalkBand B5 is a new Bluetooth headset fitness tracker hybrid

After being on hiatus since 2016, Huawei is bringing back the TalkBand line, with the launch of the new TalkBand B5.

Although it may bear more than a passing resemblance to its predecessor, the TalkBand B3, the fourth-generation TalkBand B5 sports the largest display of any TalkBand ever. It packs in a 1.13-inch colour AMOLED touchscreen with a 160 x 300 resolution display, set beneath pillowed 2.5D glass.

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The screen itself is set into the back of a Bluetooth headset that pops out of the wristband by way of release buttons on either side, whilst the bottom face of the headset also integrates an optical Huawei ‘TruSeen’ heart rate sensor that promises 24/7 continuous monitoring and can help read stats including VO2 max.

Aside from its standout functionality as a Bluetooth headset, boasting a triple-core audio chip and noise reduction technology for its dual microphone array, the IP57-certified B5 also supports activity tracking for a number of pursuits, such as walking, indoor or outdoor running, indoor or outdoor cycling, and freestyle training.

Beyond fitness, the B5 can also help you locate your phone should it take a walk, and operate your mobile as a remote shutter when taking a snap.

It also boasts in-depth sleep-tracking capabilities using Huawei’s own Trusleep technology. It can monitor light and deep sleep as well as REM sleep, spitting out ‘sleep care’ tips to help users get a better night’s rest.

As for the straps that the B5’s headsets lock into, the frames are hewn from various chemically coloured finishes of 316L stainless steel and accommodate a selection of 18mm leather, silicone and metal bands.

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If you’re looking to pick the TalkBand B5 up for yourself, unless you live in China, the UAE or Saudi Arabia, you’ll have a tough time getting a hold of one.

It’s set to go on sale in China from 20 July, hitting the UAE, Saudi Arabia and “other markets” (to quote Huawei’s press release) from August.

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