Huawei Watch could cost $1,000

Huawei’s new smartwatch may be the best-designed Android Wear device yet, but it could come at a serious price.

Huawei has surprised everyone at MWC 2015, not by announcing a smartwatch, but by announcing arguably the most attractive smartwatch yet – at least, ahead of Monday’s Apple Watch announcement.

But according to a new report, that premium design could come at a considerable cost.

BGR‘s sources claim that the Huawei Watch could command as much a $1,000 when it hits shops. That’s around four times the price of other Android Wear smartwatches.

This price – if accurate – is clearly down to the Huawei Watch’s premium build, which resembles a classic premium watch far more than it does a standard smartwatch. It features a 42mm-thick stainless steel body and a choice of silver, black and gold finishes.

It also has a physical crown button like a normal watch, though in this case it acts as a home button.

There are other signs that this is a step forward from other Android Wear devices like the Motorola Moto 360 and the LG Watch Urbane. For example, it has a 1.4-inch AMOLED display with a sharper-than-usual 400 x 400 pixel resolution, and this is covered by super-scratch-resistant Sapphire glass.

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But underneath its premium facade, this is still an Android Wear smartwatch, with all of the early-stage UI quirks and annoyances that entails.

How many people will be willing to spend £700 to £800 on an Android Wear watch? We’re not so sure, but we might have a better idea of the answer once we’ve seen how the Apple Watch is received from March 9.