Huawei P20 Pro isn’t as durable as you’d have hoped

In his eternal quest to destroy expensive gadgets for the sake of science, YouTuber JerryRigEverything has taken a bunch of tools to the Huawei P20 Pro to test its durability – and the result isn’t what we were expecting.

Much to our surprise, the Huawei P20 Pro caved under pressure, with the 6.1-inch 18.7:9 near-edge-to-edge screen shattering after force was applied to a small hairline crack created earlier in the popular YouTuber’s durability test.

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Here’s the full video:

JerryRigEverything notes that the screen may not have shattered had the hairline crack not been there in the first place, later adding that more than 100 handsets have been put through the same test and survived relatively unscathed.

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The Huawei P20 Pro is Chinese manufacturer Huawei’s latest smartphone, sitting above the budget Huawei P20 Lite and high-end Huawei P20 in the new P20 range. It received an impressive eight out of ten in our comprehensive review:

The Huawei P20 Pro is a solid smartphone that’s bound to impress both amateur and seasoned photographers alike, and everyone in between, thanks to its high-end specifications, stunning design and best-in-class tri-camera setup.

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